Cussel an Tavas Kernôwek

The Cornish Language Council

"Avonsya ha scodhya Kernôwek Bew rag oll an bobel."

Promoting and supporting Modern Cornish for one and all

Photo by John Stratford


Cussel an Tavas Kernôwek - The Cornish Language Council - is an association of friends, founded in 1987 to further the learning, teaching and use of Kernôwek Bew- 'living Cornish', otherwise known as Revived Modern or Late Cornish, a spoken and written form based on later sources. We provide classes, online learning and information as well as undertaking research and working in partnership with other bodies to increase opportunities for speaking.

The Cussel is run by a voluntary management group. If you support our aims, you may become an associate and there is no fee. We would love to hear from people who are willing to get involved in our work, especially those with skills in, for example, public projects, administration, business management, finance and fund-raising, ICT and online media.

In 2001, the U.K. undertook to support and protect Cornish under the terms of the Council of Europe's Charter for Regional or Minority Languages and Cornwall Council has created a Cornish Language Partnership, Maga, the first public body to promote the language. In these new circumstances, helped by Maga's adoption of a Standard Written Form, we are working with others to build a reunited community of leaners, teachers and supporters who can take Cornish to a new generation of everyday speakers. Since later sources provide the kind of down-to-earth register that every language needs, we have a special contribution to make to the wider project of building a strong, cohesive speech community with something enriching, enabling and motivating to offer to the wider public.

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