Cornish notes for beginners by Neil Kennedy

Section 7
7.1 Talking About Future Events
7.2 vedn: will, want
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7.1 Talking About Future Events

To talk future events, you can use ra (shall / will do also spelt wra) followed by another verb.

me ra desky Kernuak: I shall learn Cornish.

ny ra gones en looar avorow: We shall work in the garden tomorrow.

angy ra merwal en veisder'na: They will die in that window.

why ra cotha en doar: You will fall down.

an flehas ra cana dro dha ky henwes Ted: The children are going to sing about a dog called Ted.

hy ra moaz dha'n medhak en metten: She will go to the doctor in the morning.

e ra perna bara ha keaz en drea: He will buy bread and cheese in the town.

angy ra kelly go muna: They will lose their money.

me ra gweras dha why: I'll help you.

To ask questions, start with ra

ra hemma servia?: Will this do?
ra Kernow fedha Durham?: Will Cornwall beat Durham?
ra goz daama perna car noweth lebmen?: Will your mother buy a new car now?
ra why whilas wheal dha weel enna?: Will you look for some work to do there?
ra hy gwellas e follat hedhow?: Will she see her fancy-man today?
ra ve dry tay ha croust genam?: Shall I bring some tea and a packed lunch with me?

ra an stull'ma skoodhia oll an deez?: Will that scaffolding support all the people?


ra ve: shall I ra e: will he ra hy: will she
ra ny: shall we ra why: will you ra angy: will they

To talk about what won't happen, put na in front of the question form:
Na ra angy ladra goz lozow: They won't steal your plants.
Na ra an gath eva leath U.H.T.: The cat won't drink U.H.T. milk.
Na ra hy cowz dro dha Cattern: She won't talk about Cathrine.
Na ra an fose saval pell: The wall won't stand for long.
Na ra an governans dirria: The government won't last.

There are alternatives to some of the forms in the summary above:

wren ny: shall we wrew why: will you wrown'gy: will they

Na wrew why cowas gwyne en shoppa'na: You won't get wine in that shop.
Na wren ny gwellas hedna arta: We won't see that again
Na wrown'gy tevy heb dowr: They won't grow without water.

To ask what something costs, say:

Pand'ra ve pea?: What shall I pay? (pand'ra is short for pandra a ra)

Pand'ra ve pea rag an booz? What shall I pay for the food?
Goz reken ew pemp pens ha hanter cans dinar, poran. Your bill is 5.50, exactly.

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7.2 vedn: will, want

As an alternative to ra, you can use vedn to talk about the future.

Me vedn perna whacka rag an flehas: I will buy some sweets for the children.

E vedn poonia en marathon: He wants to / will run in the marathon.

An cota'ma vedn gwetha why seah: This coat will keep you dry.

An scath-sawia vedn moaz dhodhans: The lifeboat will go to them.

Goz daama-widn vedn pea rag hedna: Your grandmother will pay for that.

vedn means will or want, so it can give a sense of wanting to do something as well as simply saying what will happen.

lavar coath / an old saying:

Na wrew eva ree, bes eva rag goz sehas, ha hedna moy po lea, vedn gwetha corf en eahas.
Don't drink too much, but drink for your health, and that more or less, will keep body in health.

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